Like the celebrities who flock here in summer, you will be drawn to this idyllic town. Saint-Tropez is a star which in the season unveils a host of luxery yachts, prestigious brands, hotels, glamorous boutiques and fabulous cars. This authentic village, orginally a fishing village, will captivate those who love the sea; outside the season to watch sailing boats in the harbour during one of the many regrattas. The glamorous part began with Brigitte Bardot which has since then drawn a lot of famous people to this special town.

Born in Pisa, Torpes was an army officer under Nero who converted to Christianity and refused to renounce his new faith. Under the emperor’s orders he was decapitated, his body put in a boat with a dog and cockerel and abandoned at the mouth of the Arno. Legend has it that the Ligurian current carried the boat to the shores of the Gulf town of Heraclea, which took the name Saint-Tropez. In 1558, to defend the village against repeated attacks by Barbary pirates, the council formed a local militia led by a Town Captain, a decision ratified by the Kings of France. It was not until the 20th century that artists, writers and filmmakers marked the beginning of a golden era heralding the town’s burgeoning popularity as a tourist destination.

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