At Canadel sur Mer the Massif des Maures plungs into the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean. The coastal road between Saint-Tropez and Le lavandou gives a sublime view, a charming village and some extraordinary gardens. This micro climate provides such paradise place.

The resort’s reputation is intimately linked to the “Jardin des Méditerranées”, as the landscaping à la Renoir is among the most beautiful on the Côte d’Azur. Here you can make a journey in the open air through several hectares of plant species from five continents, suited to a Mediterranean climate: from Australian acacias to the agaves of Mexico, bamboos from Asia to New Zealand flax, palm trees from Chile to the carob trees of the Mediterranean.

It is impossible to imagine the surroundings without taking the twisty road up to the top of Col du Canadel. The view is phenomenal, you see the coastline and the islands of Porqerolles, Ile d’or and levant.

The arrival of the railway (1885) sowed the seeds for tourism in this region. It comprises five districts (Les Pierrugues, Dattier, Fenouillet, Rayol and Canadel) spread across 300 hectares. Two memorials serve as a reminder that Canadel beach was the scene of the Provence Landings on 15 August 1944 at midnight.

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