Le Plan de la Tour

Placed into the hills covered in trees and flowers, this remarkable village is surrounded by vineyards and blooms like a flower in the heart of the Massif des Maures. Le Plan de la Tour is an inland Provencal village. Extending across quite a large area, the district boasts a unique feature for this region – 25 tiny hamlets scattered across the steep-sided hills. The Gorgues path is an easy walk accessible to all and gives you a taste of all that the commune has to offer, such as its vineyard, hamlets and two menhirs standing proud at a bend in the stream. Plenty of walking paths are available from the village and in its surroundings.

The village of Plan de la Tour was created in 1792 as a break-away settlement of the eastern side of La Garde Freinet. The biggest hamlet at the time was Saint-Martin. In 1835, it grew to cover more than a thousand hectares of the western part of Sainte-Maxime. In the Middle Ages, the various seigniories that made up the region belonged in turn to viscounts from Marseille, the Saint-Victor abbey, monks from the Lérins islands and in the 13th century to the Cistercians from Thoronet Abbey.

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