The Four Seasons village

Cogolin is an active town all year round, a subtle mixture of cultures and lifestyles, with a range of events designed for a wider public. The history is connected to that one of Sainte Tropez. The legend is that a boat from Pisa in Italy, bearing the body of the Knight Torp├Ęs, washed up in 68 on the shores of what is now Saint-Tropez. Then, the boat with its other unfortunate passengers, a cockerel and a dog, ended up in a swamp surrounded by reeds. The cockerel flew off and landed in a field of flax. It was the cockerel and the field that became the name of Cogolin,

Cogolin is a municipality which extends to the sea. Port Cogolin is a home to one of the biggest harbours in the Gulf of Sainte-Tropez. The quay contains boutiques, boats for hire and restaurants. Cogolin beach is a popular beach for families situated at the end of the Gulf.

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