Villages to visit in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez

The 12 villages in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez are the scene of prestigious and cultural events, such as art, music, theatre, sports and society events. Not to forget nightlife and memorable parties, with beautiful sunsets over a bay coloured with purple, pink and gold. The light here is really exceptional.

You will recognise the ambivalence that makes this area so special: you are in Provence, in the Pays de Massif des Maures, but also on the carefree Côte d’Azur. Come and taste the bouillabaisse, the soupe de favouille (crab), the aïoli, and ratatouille; enjoy the rosé wines, classic crus, honey, nougat and chestnuts. Welcome to our little corner of paradise on earth.



Market days in the villages in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, see : The Market page

Brochure for villages in the Golf of Saint Tropez region

The 12 villages in Golfe de Saint-Tropez area:

Grimaud and Port Grimaud
La Garde-Freinet
Saint Tropez
Sainte Maxime
Le Plan de la Tour
La Croix Valmer
La Mole
Rayol-Canadel sur Mer